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chris2wirechris2wire Member Posts: 20 ■□□□□□□□□□

Hopefully Ill have my A+ done within the next week (just have to pass the tests) and Im thinking about what should be next.

Everyone does Network+ next, which seems like a good idea, but is it necessary to prove knowledge? I have 2 certifications from my college in Systems Administration - Networking as well as Systems Administration - Linux and I was wondering would college certificates make up for the lack of Network+?

The reason is I'm in a rush to get on to my MCSA book reading/training. Therefore I wanted to skip Network+ and just go to Security+ since that fullfills requirements on MCSA.

Anyways, sorry for dragging that on, lemme know your thoughts on if I should just do network+ or not.


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    xwesleyxwillisxxwesleyxwillisx Member Posts: 158
    You could really go either way. I don't think it hurts or helps you honestly. You have networking certifications from your school. Since you're planning on Security+ to go as an elective for MCSA (A+ and N+ together act as an elective as well), I definately think you should skip N+. Unless you really want another cert to put down on paper and spend that extra money, my advice is to go straight to Security+.
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    chris2wirechris2wire Member Posts: 20 ■□□□□□□□□□
    Ok thanks for your insight, I also forgot to point out the reason I picked Security+ as the elective replacement for MCSA was also because its a replacement for MCSE elective... Which, who knows, maybe I'll attempt down the line....
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    MissionKap1001MissionKap1001 Member Posts: 35 ■■□□□□□□□□
    You can't go wrong by getting Network+. Then from there you can go almost any route.
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