I am mcs, working as it administrator want\have to do cisa? Please help

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I am so confuse, i am professional IT person. Working as network administrator from last 8 years. From last 2 years i am working in audit company as it manager. Nothing to do with audit. Now i don't know why my manager told me to do cisa. I didn't even new b4 what the heck is cisa. And he told me this instruction directly came form the chairman of the company. B4 i was not taking it seriously, but today director of the company directly called me and said it personally that he want me to do cisa, we might be need some. I don't see any of our auditor can do it cause they all sucks in is. I told him its audit thing.. I don't know any thing about accounting. I just did b.com that is may be 10 year ago. But he still thinks that paper is for it more. Now please tell me. After reading 2 chapter from cisa. I understand its typical audit stuff. Noting to do with it. Inside of me, i want to do it as i feel that its interesting and also think it would be a good certificate for my cv. So i told him ok i will try it. As my thing is don't miss any free official dinner/lunch/study if they are giving heheh. But serouly tell me please am im stupid to accept the offer and try to study cisa even i don't have any experience or even knowledge of audit. Am i'll be wasteing time . Infect i don't even know i will allowed to give cisa exam without have any kind of audit \accounting certification or even experience in audit. ? And please tell me how to prepare for the exam. Like what book or what habbits are required to do some audit exam .. Please help...


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    CISA has nothing to do with accounting, its all about risk management and governance.
    Studying for CISA may also provide you with higher level of understanding on purpose of IT function in the company.
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    Yes as the title of the exam says Certified Information Security Auditor (CISA) this exam is for someone who is looking for a career as an auditor/consultant in the information security world.
    Yes this cert is good for CV but only if you plan to work on security related stuff and maintain this cert.

    CISA exam is not an easy exam. I am not discouraging you but in general it is not considered an easy exam.

    To pass this exam, you will have to make sure that you understand all domains, read the official study guide multiple times and practice questions from ISACA database.
    You mentioned that you have been a network administrator for last 8 years, didn't you come across any auditor ? Weren't you on the other side where auditors asked questions on why this firewall/router policy is enabled ?

    To prepare for this exam:
    Purchase the official study guide and database question set from ISACA.
    Read the study guide multiple times and practice all questions.

    Your network admin knowledge should help you in Domain 4 and 5.

    If you want you can study and pass Security Plus prior to your CISA exam.
    Security certification, CompTIA Security+ certification

    Good Luck.
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