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Regarding STPs,

what are the main difference or notable feautres between these?

2. PVST+



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    RSTP skips a STP step and takes much less time to change a blocking port to a forwarding port
    PVST just means there is a completely different process of ST running per vlan (which can be use for a manual load balancing and can also make a network topology get pretty crazy)
    PVRST is the same just RSTP so faster
    I have no clue what mist is
    and then Portfast (not that you asked) allows the ports on a switch to come back online faster when the STP is changing the states of the ports) - so if a forwarding link goes down every single link on the switch goes down for 60 seconds (or 30 but I'm pretty sure 60) all the hosts wont be able to communicate with the network for that 30 seconds, but with portfast I believe its like a second.
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    I think he meant MSTP which is the newer MIST which is a bit difficult to understand.... this link really helped me grasp it...

    Understanding MSTP
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