upgrading ESXI 4.1 to 5.0 with VM's on DAS

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I am pretty sure I already know the answer but wanted to confirm with someone that has maybe done this before, I have VM's running on DAS storage on a couple of servers, things are being replicated with VEEAM, I will be doing an in place upgrade of 4.1 to 5.0 an wanted to confirm that the Datastores built on DAS won't be wiped out. If anyone has done this before and or knows for sure please let me know.

Thanks in advance.


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    This is taken from the 5.1 upgrade guide:

    If the installer finds an existing ESX or ESXi installation and VMFS datastore you can choose from the following options:

    - Upgrade ESXi, preserve VMFS datastore
    - Install ESXi, preserve VMFS datastore
    - Install ESXi, overwrite VMFS datastore

    If an existing VMFS datastore cannot be preserved, you can choose only to install ESXi and overwrite the existing VMFS datastore, or to cancel the installation. If you choose to overwrite the existing VMFS datastore, back up the datastore first.
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    I know you mention DAS - but even when using FC / ISCSI storage - I would ALWAYS make sure you disconnect the storage LUNs before upgrading ...
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    What version of veeam are you running, you'll need to check compatibility with your running veeam version and your vsphere 5. quite alot of customers get caught out with that one!
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    Veeam 6.5, which is working fine for all my other 5.0 hosts. Thanks for all the replys guys, now that you mention that scott I did see that exact message last time, I did an upgrade. Thanks again.
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