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Hello All,

i have been reading the forum here for a while and I want to start off by saying thanks to everyone for all the insightful information posted. As of last year I was able to successfully pass the GCIH using Ed Skoudis's counter hack reloaded. 6 months prior I had taken on the CEH exam and found it lacking in terms of accessing individual capability. So shortly there after I moved on to go after a GIAC. I found the entire testing process for the GCIH to be a rewarding experience. Admittedly I underestimated the difficulty of the exams due to the open book format. My question now is the GCIA a exam I should challenge? Also there any up to date info sec books out there that have complete coverage for the exam? The closest thing I've found is Network Intrusion Detection 3rd Edition. It was co authored by Judy Novak who wrote most of the GCIA course.


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    Thanks for the review. Do you have any GCIA study recommendations more recent than the Northcutt & Novak books of 2000-2004? I have the 1999 edition of Northcutt's Network Intrusion Detection book sitting on my desk right now, and it's still a useful read, but so much new information has been discovered in the past 15 years that it severely needs an update. Even Counter Hack Reloaded (2006) is due a refresh.
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