Passed SSCP 3/1

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Passed the SSCP exam earlier today :). How much more difficult is CISSP than SSCP? I'll start reading/studying next week. I'll begin with the CISSP Boxed Set (AIO and Practice Exams) by Shon Harris and the CISSP Study Guide by Eric Conrad. Those two seem to be what's most recommended.

Also, is it beneficial to get the CASP cert now that I have SSCP?



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    Congrats... and no Idea
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    Congratulations on passing the SSCP exam, great work. icon_cheers.gif

    Your strategy is good, that is studying for the CISSP exam straight away, good to do it whilst you have the momentum going. However these are two totally different exams.

    The SSCP exam is more technical in nature than the CISSP. The CISSP exam also has a lot of tech aspects, but there is more to read and take in. Although the domains appear to cross over, there are more domains and there is a lot more to cover for the CISSP exam. I would recommend that you give yourself some time to study and grasp the concepts. There are some people of late who have been studying for the CISSP exam in a few weeks and passing the exam, so other factors come into play, like experience in the IS field etc, you would know better where you stand with that.

    I found it to be an advantage to have done the SSCP first because I got to get the feel of how ISC2 worded their exam questions. There are some past posts that compare the two, have a read and you might get some additional tips, let me know if you can't find them.

    In addition to your study material, I would add a lot of practice tests. You definitely have to take some practice tests along the way to test your knowledge. Do the practice tests at the end of every chapter of your books. Depending on your budget you could purchase the Studiscope Tests (some people on TE have found them to be useless but I found them useful, personal preference when it comes to this I guess), or Clement's tests. There are many other sources out there, the above two are the most recommended on TE.

    Unfortunately I cannot say anything about the CASP cert because I don't know much about it. Congrats once again and all the best for your CISSP studies, and if you need any additional tips, do post. One thing I found handy was going over past posts. All the best :)
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    philzego wrote: »
    Also, is it beneficial to get the CASP cert now that I have SSCP?
    Beneficial in what way? To get a job? Are employers asking for CASP in their job descriptions?
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