Passed My CEH test, thanks all and some tips for the rest

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Prior to taking the CEH, I spent a lot of time reading this forum. For those that are going to take the exam, I would like to give you a heads up as to what worked and what didn't work.

Certified Ethical Hacker All-In-One McGraw Hill - Best (Did the best job of covering everything, but it is missing somethings like the coverage on DoS and wireless really needs to be supplemented. But it does a great job at just about everything)
Certified Ethical Hacker Sybex - Better ( cover it well, but uses some terminology not found in the test)
Certfied Ethical Hacker Exam Cram - Okay (good only once you have a through understanding)
Offical Courseware - Decent/Bad (It was just a bunch of slides, but it does not do a very good job of giving much details)

Practice Test
*********: Most realistic practice exam
Boson: Overkill, if you can pass it a couple time, you'll be good to go.
********: It was what I would have expected a practice test to feel like. So good to better.
CEH AIO : Essenitally the same as the book
CEH Sybex: The installer looked very dated and not all of the questions were relevant for the same
CEH Exam Cram:I The practice test weren't that relevant
Official Review Guide: Best served as a quick exam cram or review a week prior then for a practice test

The test felt like I was taking a Security Plus exam version made explicitly for hacking. Nothing was too in depth and it had a lot of theory. This doesn't mean that you shouldn't know your tools, the CEH official courseware came with 6 dvds worth of them. In fact I would highly recommend to read Nmap Network Scanning by fydor , Google Hacking and Hacking Exposed to supplement your reading. Again thanks to everyone and best of luck to those who haven't taken the test just yet.


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    Congrats dude!
    Thanks for the advice. Don't you recommend any books for snort?
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    I only had about 4 questions about SNORT on my test-so, for self edification, sure, but for the test, probably not.
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    Great info! Grats on the pass!
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    I finished Certified Ethical Hacker All-In-One (McGraw Hill) and part of Certified Ethical Hacker (Sybex). I now need some relevant Practice Tests, where can i get the best of such?
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    Cisco Network Simulator | IT Practice Exams | IT Training |

    I bought it about a week ago. Has been useful. Has good explanations on the correct answers, rather than simply telling you what you got wrong.
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    I'm studying for it. I am getting hung up because all the practice tests I use ask details about specific exploits, etc. Theory I can pretty much handle because I do understand the exploit processes.

    I feel like if I take the test and don't memorize every old outdate exploit in the docs -- I'll fail.

    Should I just go for it. What other tips?
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    Focus on the most popular tools and basic usage. Make sure you check the "Passe CEH" threads.
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