No substitute for experience

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I just passed my Network+ today with a score of 684. Just to put things in perspective I studied from a Mike Meyers book for my A+ and passed both exams in a year. I am now on a 2 year fast-track MCSE course and have studied the N+ element for 2 months including a 3 day workshop. I have noticed how some people on this forum have commented on how easy the exam is but not having worked in IT I dont entirely agree. Comptia recommend approx 9 months of Network experience and I can see why. It wasnt until I done the 3 day workshop that I knew what a Patch cable was, what Novell looked like and what a Domain is (although not a N+ objective). Thanks to some fellow students and an excellent tutor. Its all very well having a good memory but nothing beats hands on experience. Roll on MCP! :D


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