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Trying to find out the following..

Can the Max Ephones / Max Ephones-dn be changed as and when you wish (obviously if the router supports the amount) or is this licensed based? Well I know I can change it, but E.G if it's set to 30 ephones and 30 ephone dn, can I change this at will without breaching any licence? If it's licence based, how can I find out the licence type? Is this from the Telephony Service config?



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    max ephone and max ephone-dn is more closely tied to the router platform than the IOS version, the higher the router model in a series, the larger capacity it has to support ephone's/dn's, though there might be some variation based on IOS versions.

    For IOS v15.1 and earlier, the SRST and CUCME license is more an honour thing depending on if your IOS supports voice features. Additional licenses cannot be added (passed the platform maximum) as your router CPU would probably max out and grind to a halt if you were able to. max ephone and max ephone-dn can be changed (within its limits) after having been set.

    As far as I know for IOS v15.2 (universal image) and later, the SRST and CUCME features are now purchasable, but the max ephone/dn limit is still governed by the router platform. The show license section would display feature availability, the telephony-service section would display the max ephone/dn limit.
  • controlcontrol Member Posts: 309
    As always, thanks a lot for that! Clears things up for me.

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