Opening a firewall port Win 7

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Im running some tests on my local private LAN with 4 systems connected. I'm trying to manually open firewall ports through the advanced setting in Win 7 firewall. By just using the port number to open the port, ie; Firewall >inbound rules>new rule>>port>TCP/UDP>etc. then allow connection, either secure or not then finish.

I then run port scans to confirm if port is open but it does not show up. Using Zenmap.

Am I doing something wrong or missing something?

For example, when I go into network connections, create new incoming connection, follow the prompts to permit access. I then run a port scan on the system that I created the incoming connection for, and it shows ports 443 and 1723 open.

When I delete the connection that was created 443 and 1723 are now closed when I run another scan (i get that).

Should I not be also permitted to open these ports manually through either just the port numbers or a pre defined rule in the setup options within Win 7 firewall?

Can't figure this out....

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