What's your preferred 70-680 book?

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Hey everyone, I'm brand new to the site and looking to switch from a career in finance/sales to what I've always had an interest in, IT. Looking to get my 70-680/685 to start. While I have already used the search function, I'm quite overwhelmed at how much information I've found and trying to make sense of it. I'm sorry if this post is repetitive, but most of the threads I found with search were at least 2-3 years old so I was wondering if anything has changed or any new books are recommended.

So far I've concluded that these videos might be useful:

CBT Nuggets
Professor Messer

As far as books, I'm quite unsure what would be a good book to purchase. The two main ones I'm trying to decide on are as follows:
[h=1]MCTS Self-Paced Training Kit (Exam 70-680): Configuring Windows® 7[/h]http://www.amazon.com/MCTS-Self-Paced-Training-Exam-70-680/dp/0735627088

^^^^this one has mixed reviews it seems. I also read that there are many errors. Do any of you all prefer this book or the one below by Poulton? Or do any of you suggest a book different than these?

[h=1]MCTS 70-680 Cert Guide: Microsoft Windows 7, Configuring[/h]http://www.amazon.com/MCTS-70-680-Cert-Guide-Configuring/dp/0789747073/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1362375631&sr=1-1&keywords=poulton+70-680

I'm looking to spend as little as possible, but my skill level I would say is just above beginner. Just for fun over the years I have self taught myself things such as how to create an ftp server, setup remote desktop, created a storage server on my LAN with WOL capabilities with an old netbook, some javascript coding, port forwarding, built a self-hosted wordpress basic site with Xampp.

Please share your thoughts on what you think is the best combination of materials that are adequate enough to prepare for the test.


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    So I realized that I could filter my search results to find newer posts on the topic. Sorry for asking a question that's been answered. If anyone has opinions or advice I'd love to hear still.
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    Personally, I can't figure out how to use the search feature on this forum. It seems to filter out all my search words, claiming they are too "common" search terms. So I'd love to hear opinons on this as well.
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    Welcome to the forum.

    While I haven't used Poulton's book, I've heard good reviews for it. I did use the MS press 680 book, but watch out for the errors. Technet was very helpful. Professor Messer is good, too.

    Labbing is probably the most effective technique for this exam. I would download the exam objectives and work through them. The text books will have some labs you can follow along with.

    Exam objectives:
    Windows 7, Configuring

    Virtual labs:
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    I can't speak for the MS Press book, but I used the Poulton Book.
    Covered all the objectives in my opinion, and I suggest the Darril Gibson command line book as well.
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    Another vote for Poulton. I used this book almost exclusively. It is very well laid out and the chapters are not too long.
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    I used MS Press exclusively, as I tend to for MS certifications.
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    Thanks everyone! I feel like I might end up just caving in and buying both the books. Anyone have one they are looking to sell? Also, on the amazon link for the MS press book, the description says "Note: The most recent printings of this title incorporate corrections to errors found in the earlier printings." Does someone know how to see if you're ordering the newest version or will Amazon automatically send me the newest?
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    Can either of you who have used Poulton's book confirm whether or not the book includes a digital copy format on the CD? I want to get the hard copy but I'm going on a trip soon and don't want to pack a big book in my carry on.
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    YES, Poulton's Book (MCTS Microsoft Windows 7, Configuring - Pearson) ISBN-13 978-0-7897-4707-5 contains a digital CD that includes a test engine (MCTS Pratice Questions), Supplemental Texts (Glossary, Appendix C: Memory Tables, Appendix D: Memory Tables Answer Key), and the Companion Web Page (InformIT Pearson Website) where you register your book product and receive access to online account to either view online, or download the book (in full or part) using tokens. You'll use your coupon code at the last page of the book to access the online version for 45 days (as of this writing).

    In studying for the MCTS, I've found this forum, together with it's many tips, suggestions and strong community support priceless. I particularly found Claymoore's TIPS page for 70-680 the most time saving of all! Be sure to chekc out his page if you haven't already. I'd also recommend labbing, the Microsoft Virtual Academy, and building your own home study setup (either a VM or physical setup) to master the commands, switches etc.
    Can either of you who have used Poulton's book confirm whether or not the book includes a digital copy format on the CD? I want to get the hard copy but I'm going on a trip soon and don't want to pack a big book in my carry on.
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    I usually use the MS Press books for the 680 exam I used Sybex's Microsoft Windows 7 Configuration Study Guide by William Panek.
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