Exam Day whiteboard ideas.

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Taking my Network+ this coming Friday and i'm finalizing my studying today then leaving tomorrow for a final practice exam. With my A+, I found I didn't need to use the whiteboard and marker provided for both 701 and 702. However, with this exam, i'm thinking about using it. Besides the straight-through and crossover wire patterns (w/o, o , etc.) i can't think of anything else to put on there besides maybe some subnetting stuff. Can anyone share some insight for things to possibly put on the whiteboard before exam time on things I might have overlooked? Thanks.


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    I was all set to use the white board supplied
    But never really needed to
    Many of the exam questions I got were trouble shooting in nature

    So many questions in such a short time span, I just didn't have the time or need to write anything down
    Except for the simulation type questions (which I didn't get)
    They are multiple choice so once you see the options anything you would have written down will get remembered when you see it

    Good luck!!!
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    The only thing I wrote on mine was the troubleshooting steps in order. I spent the least amount of time on that section while I was studying so I figured it would come in handy, and it did a couple times :)

    I'd recommend figuring out which area(s) you're weakest in and focus on finding a way to put that onto the white board for reference while you're taking the exam. Worked for me!
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    You might like to consider listing the OSI layers and ports.

    Also, if you plan on writing a lot, you might like to ask for a second whiteboard before you start. I've done this several times and no one has ever said no.

    Good luck.
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    How long before the exam do you have to write stuff down?
    / \
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    Thanks everyone for insight I appreciate it. Taking my exam @ 2:30pm today. I'll post result when finished.
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    Thanks everyone for insight I appreciate it. Taking my exam @ 2:30pm today. I'll post result when finished.

    Good Luck, doubt you need it!
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    Update: Just got out of test center 20mins ago. Got 804 passed :) Reviewed Darril Gibson's android app/practice question book before exam helped a lot calmed my nerves.

    Training material used:
    TrainSignal Videos
    Mike Myers Network+ Passport 4th edition (great read 1 week before exam to review and clarify weak areas which I did)
    Pearson Network+ Book N10-005
    Darril Gibson's Network+ practice questions book (ebook) and android app (Security+ and Network+ combo app)

    Simulation questions got 4. can't say what it covered but they were not that bad. Very glitchy and poorly worded in my opinion. Reset button will help if it seems glitchy.

    All my simulation questions were in the beginning of the exam one after another then regular questions.

    Thanks everyone for insight and support. Helped a lot and means a lot. Next step, CCENT just because of CE renewal through certifications.
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    congrats on the pass. thanks for all the details about what you studied and such
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    Congrats on the pass! icon_cool.gif
    Twitter - ClarkFx
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    DarrilDarril Member Posts: 1,588
    Congrats on the pass. Glad to hear that the ebook and Android app helped.

    Good luck with the CCENT
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