Cisco replaced BCSN with BSCI in the CCNP track

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"As of September 13, 2002, BSCI 640-901 will replace the Routing exam (RTING 640-603) for CCNP and CCDP certifications. The Routing exam will retire. Individuals registering for the Routing exam on or before September 13, 2002 will be able to take that exam through October 25, 2002."

Basically they 'just' added exam topics for the IS-IS routing protocol:

Configuring IS-IS Protocol
- Explain basic OSI terminology and network layer protocols used in OSI
- Identify similarities and differences between Integrated IS-IS and OSPF
- Identify characteristics of an effective addressing plan for IS-IS deployment
- Explain how networks and interfaces are represented in IS-IS
- List the types of IS-IS routers and their role in IS-IS area design
- Describe the hierarchical structure of IS-IS areas
- Describe the concept of establishing adjacencies
- Describe the concepts of routing traffic transport and database synchronization
- Explain the basic principles of area routing
- Explain IS-IS NBMA (non-broadcast multi-access network) modeling solutions in switched WAN networks
- Given an addressing scheme and other laboratory parameters, identify the steps to configure Cisco routers for proper Integrated IS-IS operation
- Identify verification methods which ensure proper operation of Integrated IS-IS on Cisco routers

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