Passed, but not a great score 798/900 - Also got an MTA at the same time.

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Passed on Monday with a 798/900 score. Honestly thought I'd failed so was very surprised when it flashed up 'CONGRATULATIONS'.

A little disappointed with my score as I managed over 850 in 2nd A+ exam which I think is a little harder to study for than the Net+. Oh well, a pass is a pass.

What threw me was the first 3 questions which were SIM's. For me two of the SIMs just would not work and wouldn't accept my inputs. Instead of just flagging it and moving on I spent over 10mins getting all flustered. I didn't know at that stage that the test had only 3 SIM questions so got myself in a bit of a panic. Anyways, once I finally moved on I managed to get through the multiple choice questions with over 20mins to spare so then went back to the SIM questions where I hit reset and bingo, they all started to respond. I should have called the tester over but you just don't think straight in situations like that with the clock running.

I think the moral of the story is to mark the SIM questions and do them last, they can take a lot longer than the multiple choice questions, and you can waste a surprising amount of time.

An hour after the exam I sat an MTA in Network Fundamentals so for very little money also managed to get MCP status with no extra study, so quite an eventful day. Next Friday I'm doing an MTA in Security Fundamentals also off the back of my Net+ studies, although for this I also bought MS's study guide which is really good.

To pass Net+ I used the All in One by Mike Meyers, also the Exam Cram 4th Edition which is brilliant. Another good resource if you have Windows 8 is a new app that is available in the store, just search 'CompTIA'. The testing engine is crap as it marks the questions wrong but the learning mode is really good and helped me a lot.

Next up for me is Server+ as I love playing with hardware also it seems like a good extension to A+ and counts towards Ce so I think is a good one to have. I'm hoping that all of these will give me a good base to study MCSA Server 2012 later in the year.

Hope you find my experiences helpful. Cheers, Andy.


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