GCFE Passed

azmattazmatt Member Posts: 114
I took the SANS 408 Windows computer forensics course in January and passed the GCFE Thursday. I'll try to get out a quickie review of the course and post it on my blog within the next week but if anybody has any questions about the course I'll do my best to answer them.

I think a lot of people look at the 400 course number and figure that it's a basic course but they glance right over the "in-depth" part. The 408 course goes through each set of artifacts in GREAT detail and then reenforces the concepts with labs. Unless you've been performing windows computer forensics daily for multiple years than this course is a no brainier if you're interested. We had a couple of really experienced examiners in my class and they all picked up lot of little nuances as well.


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