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Hey guys I have my sec+ exam coming up this week. I've read the Darril Gibson book 2x. What else can I use to review? Anything recommended that's free? I have 3 days to review.


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    Just go over the objectives and make sure you know all the material. If you are taking practice exams and scoring low in a certain area, then focus on your weak areas.
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    One thing you might like to do is go over all the questions again with a focus on identifying why each answer is incorrect instead of just what the correct answer is. The explanations should help if any question isn't clear. Also, you might like to review some of the recent Security+ blogs here:

    If you've been reading the threads on this site, you probably already know about the performance based questions. If not, check out the Security+ and Performance Based Questions blog.

    Good luck. We look forward to seeing your post saying you passed.
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    Thanks guys. I'm feeling really really nervous. So nervous that I can't even study so much today icon_sad.gif I'm just ready to get it over with. I wish the test at the end of your book was the exam Darril. If it were I would have passed with flying colors. I'm reviewing the blogs now.
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    Go to your local Barnes and Noble and skim through 3-4 different texts to clarify harder topics and get another author's perspective.
    Better yet, find one with a starbucks and bring them to the table.

    This technique alone prepared me for my N+ tremendously when reviewing.
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