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My GCIH exam is coming up in a couple of weeks and I'm indexing at the last minute.

I know there are some previous post on here on how to index, but I was wondering if this would be a good format.

Create each module in a seperate spreadsheet with each tool and core concepts in abc order in relation to those modules. Reconnaissance, Scanning, Gaining Access, Keeping Access, and Covering tracks

Windows and Linux commands seperate spreadsheet index.

Are the exercises worth indexing?

Im just indexing the slide titles for each book, is this okay, or do I need to index more detailed?

Ive been studying for 5 months now, so Im not an expert on the material but I am familiar....

I want to make sure I dont spend too much time looking through my index.

Thank you


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    Musdev, your format sounds good, have you taken your practice tests with it? If so, how did it go. My practice tests were a great indicator of my final score.

    After I took the test a few months ago I wrote a blog post where I talked about how I created my index and posted a few pictures of it. I had a Windows and Linux command index just like you but besides that I only had a "main" and a "tools". I'm a big fan of a tool index. If a tool get's mentioned, no matter how briefly, it goes in the tool index. I personally haven't been indexing labs in my indexes.

    I think the hours you've spent going through the books and preparing the index will pay off on the test.

    Good luck!!!!
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