taking CCNA Wireless on a whim?

vinbuckvinbuck Member Posts: 785
So...i got signed up to take the resident Cisco course for CCNA Wireless mostly due to the content on controller based architectures. I thought I was taking a class just on controllers until I read the syllabus and saw that the course title (CUWN v7.2) is the instructor led course for CCNA Wireless. I'm kinda/sorta in the middle of beginning my prep for the CCIE R&S written, but it seems such a shame to waste an opportunity to knock out a cert when i'll be doing coursework and labs all week and nothing else.

I'm thinking a week of study after the course and then giving it a go...what say you TE - Is that a realistic timeframe?

I've got plenty of Wireless toys at work to get some hands on - Flex controllers, WISMs, APs, etc...
Cisco was my first networking love, but my "other" router is a Mikrotik...


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