Quick MCITP question.

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I bought Darril's 70-685/686 book and am roughly 1/4th of the way through. I passed my 70-680 about a week ago and have scheduled the 70-685 for April 2nd to give myself a healthy amount pressure to study.

So, quickly, is it worth sitting both the 70-685 and 70-686 exams and getting two MCITP certifications? I have the money, and I'll most likely have the know-how seeing as the book covers both exams. I'm currently employed and won't be looking for a job for roughly 2-3 years, in which I'll be searching for a entry-level security position. I hope to be in the MSISA program by the time I re-enter the job market.


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    I used Darril's book for the 685 exam. I thought the coverage for the 686 portions were light. I'd lab out the exam objectives for the 685/686. I've got the MS Press 686 book and it's not bad. Since you've got the time and $$$ go for it.
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    I would be interested in knowing how you do on either. I am in the process of head in the MCSA direction. But I am having second thoughts about doing it right now. CCENT/CCNA looks really tempting since I know that it would open up the Networking area more. I believe if I can turn the MCSA around in 3 months then I will try the MCSA first then move on to CCENT. The only issue with doing the CCENT first, would be the fact that I wouldn't want to break before moving to CCNA. So if I go CCENT, that means my year is done. That MCSA will have to wait till 2014. But if I don't go ahead and get my MCSA, I will have to soon to avoid having to take two Microsoft exams to get my MCSA later. I have had Darril's 70-685/686 book for two year now and haven't even cracked the first Chapter. I have such a distaste for Micro$oft that I can't get myself to want to sit another exam. I know that once I get a taste of Cisco I will feel that same about their testing practices as well. I just hate the idea of studying for a test for 3 to 4 months then sitting it and seeing questions about things that were not in the study material.

    AHH!!!! I can't make my mind up what would be the best move right now.
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    From what I've heard, the 70-685 is easier than the 70-680.
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    I found 70-680 70-686 to be similar obviously dealing with deployments, imaging, how to user features that are now a part of windows 7.. and basically all the objectives listed with them in terms of content.

    70-685 was easier and felt more like the type of test for the things I've been doing as a Desktop Admin the last 2 years... actually that's exactly what it was... a lot of the stuff I was doing on a daily basis...but I think both are worth it. but you will more than likely be pushed into performing 1 more than the other.
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