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Hello! I'll try to keep this short. I got into IT about 17 months ago having no real study, training, or experience prior. After about 6 months of independent study using a variety of books, methods, and online courses I earned my CompTIA A+ certificate.

I've had a few part-time and full-time positions since then, and all the while I've been working towards completing my CompTIA Network+ certificate.

Currently unemployed, I've found that I'm getting close to the point where I could pass the CompTIA Network+ exam. I've been spending hours studying and now have been repeatedly going through batteries of practice tests from various sources.

When I don't understand the answer to a question, I record it in a google document. I try to use online courses, books, and good old google.com to find out the answers to my questions, but some of them are harder to figure out than others (and there's always the fear that the multiple choice q&a in particular may be incorrect).

Given all of that, is this forum (or this thread) a good place for me to post questions that haven't given me quick and easy answers?

Thank you very much for your time! I hope this idea works out, though if it does, I'll be kicking myself for not trying to earlier :)
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