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I noticed there's a CCIE reading list, what about CCNP?

Are there any must have books besides the usual suspects like Odom?
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    I'm personally going with the Certification Guides and Net Academy books. I find that both books have about 90% of the same material (sometimes explained better in one or the other) and 10% non-overlap which is nice to read about. For NP Switch, I noticed that IP SLA got a lot of attention in one book and not the other, Multicast was defined and explained very well in one book and only mentioned in passing in the other, etc. Whether or not the "10%" is really important on the test or not, I'm an information sponge and like being a thorough as possible but to each their own.

    One thing I always do to check out the "best" books for a certain subject or exam is to jump on Amazon and check out the reviews. I usually make my book purchases based on the highest reviewed certification guide.
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    Luckily for the CCNP you still get the luxury of dedicated Cisco Press books. Most people use the FLG and/or OCG for the exams.

    If you want something outside of that have a read through Routing TCP/IP. Mostly the Volume I will be useful for the NP exams. It goes above and beyond the scope of the NP exams, but it's a must read for any serious networking professional IMO.
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    I do the same when it comes to buying books, the amazon reviewers page is pretty excellent with lots of useful information. Having different books on the same subjects turns to help a lot too.


    Pretty much, I picked up both Routing TCP/IP books for cheap and I'm pretty sure it going to be very valuable in my network career. I also picked up TCP/IP Guide from No Starch Press, what a joy to read.

    As for the NP, i guess picking up both the FLG and OCG are the logical ways to go then.
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    Agree with OCG+FLG, especially for ROUTE. For SWITCH I only used the OCG and found it sufficient (and frankly for TSHOOT I had the OCG since I got the 3-book package, but only read a chapter or two).
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    I have read the OCG book / re-reviewing now. I have read a few chapters in the FLG book prior to picking up my OCG book. I took an NP route class that followed the OCG book which is why I picked it up. Personally I think the OCG book is organized better. I feel the FLG book doesn't do as well as of job transitioning topics. However, In my opinion I feel it is written more on a sense of an intermediate understanding and I feel the OCG is more targeted to a more informed reader.

    I have also been pairing my reading with watching CBT and INE videos, and labbing in GNS3 practicing the Cisco Academy labs and labs done in those videos.

    I will more than likely get the OCG for switch and TSHOOT as well.
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