Traffic shaping before rate limiting bites me.

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I am in the process of testing a ptp metroe circuit. The circuit is rate limited by the provider's juniper gear to be 20Mb full duplex.

We have plugged some PCs in on each end and are doing some throughput testing with Jperf.

We were only getting around 2megs one way and 7 megs the other.

We placed a call to our provider and they said that because we were connected at 1Gb on each end the traffic was being discarded and re-transmits were causing the rate to appear so low.

At this point I put a 3750 in between the provider's juniper equipment and the test PC. On that 3750, I set the uplink port to the juniper gear to auto on one side. It negotiated 1gb with no port errors. I configured both the PC and its connected port to 10/Full.

After this I was able to get 9.5Mb in both the directions. Which seems to reinforce what the service provider is saying.

So now I know I want to shape the traffic on both ends, and queue it, at a level before the service provider drops it.

Would the config look something like this:

Router A

interface GigabitEthernet0/2
traffic-shape rate 19500000 64000

Router B

interface GigabitEthernet0/2
traffic-shape rate 19500000 64000

We don't have any voip traffic right now, so the buffering won't effect it. But I think it will keep the interface from starting out at a high transmit rate and sending those packets to die.
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