PXE Server

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Hi there.I am new to the forum. I am doing the following:Creating a PXE server to host imagesSetting up a win 7 image with a different background, desktop icons, notification flag turned offSysprepping the system with a custom unattend.xml - contains 'CopyProfile' under Step 4 of Specialize (Using Windows System Image Manager)I am able to install the image in about 12 minutes which is awesome. I was able to get the system to autologin with the unattend.xml file. However, all my desktop icons, notification flag have been modified. I want the desktop wallpaper to be the same as it was before sysprepping the image but instead it reverts to the basic windows one.How do I get the User Profile to be setup the way I want it to be through the unattend.xml file?
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