7940 ip phone setting button does not work!!! :-|

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Hi guys,

I bought ipphone 7940 from ebay but it is not obtainng IP from DHCP and it does not let me go into network settings manually

from the phone? What do I do? (i configured dhcp on sw3550,is it right?!)

Why setting button on 7940 is not functioning?! icon_confused.gif:icon_exclaim.gif

I also have a 7960 IPphone,setting button is functioning and i set an ip address manually and also can ping it from cucm

this is my topology:

Thanks in advance


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    HondabuffHondabuff Member Posts: 667 ■■■□□□□□□□
    On the dhcp pool are you doing option 150 and the ip address of your CUCM?
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