Gotchas or Surprises for CCNP Route exam?

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I'm taking the exam in about a week. I have been going over all my rough spots for a few weeks now and I feel pretty good about the topics covered in the Official Lab manual. I feel like it has just come down to repetition at this point. I was hoping to hear from those that have been there on what topics might have caught them off guard?


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    I found the ROUTE especially straight-forward. Of all the cisco exams I've taken, it was the most obvious "just know the material really well" - feeling.
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    No one can tell you what was on their exam. Just be prepared for everything on the exam blue print.
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    A gotcha is simply something that you really don’t understand
    Source: Brian McGahan, CCIE #8593 (R&S/Service Provider/Security), CCDE 2013::13

    But, seriously, you know when you know it, and when you don't know it. If you do not know how something works, then you can expect to struggle on the test. It is that simple. My recommendation is to make sure that you're clear on the blueprint, and have practiced the Lab Manual. Also, you may want to look at other threads on this site for an idea of what people have used to prepare.
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    I have done so many practice labs now that I can do most of them just from memory. I have been through the CCNP lab manual and the GNS3vault labs so many times now I feel like I have almost memorized them. To counteract this memorization I have started making up my own lab scenarios and I have found a few small holes in my knowledge. I have a week now before my test so I'm looking to find as many of those holes as I can before the test. I have found that for a few topics I have needed to dig a little deeper to fully understand "why" something works the way it does or why a certain command is used.

    That being said let me rephrase my question because I'm not asking what was on the test.

    "For those of you that have taken the test which topics do wish you had spent more time on or dug a little deeper to make sure you understood it completely."
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