Official ICND1 vs CCENT Exam Cram

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I'm taking the ICND1 exam next week and just purchased CCENT Exam Cram as a last minute resource to browse through. The two authors have completely different views as they introduce the transport layer, and how important it is on the ICND1 exam.

"This chapter explains the basics of a few topics that receive less attention on the exams: the TCP/IP transport layer,"

"The transport layer is possibly the most important layer for exam study purposes. A lot is going on here, and it is heavily tested."

I've studied all the layers pretty extensively in pursuit of my CCENT, so I'm not really concerned that I spent too much/not enough time on the transport layer. I just found it kind of funny they have drastically different views on the importance of the layer and was curious who you guys thought was more accurate.
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