Was so sure I Failed

olaHaloolaHalo Senior MemberMember Posts: 748 ■■■■□□□□□□
Took the exam about 30 minutes ago.
Right away felt overwhelmed with the awkward simulation questions.
If this exam is supposed to be easy then I have an uphill climb ahead.

Finished it in about 20 minutes.
I didn't review any of my questions or flag anything, just clicked away lol.
I knew about 50% only. The other half I was just best guessing.

I studied with a sorta old Mike Meyers book. (2005ish)

I recommend others to use more materials than just a single book, my book didn't cover Security very well.

To my surprise I scored an 860.
Ill start studying for CCENT after a short break.

I live in Vegas so with my good luck I think Ill head to the blackjack tables now...:)


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