Using VLANs with a BT Business Hub

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We have just cabled our new office at work. I am convincing the boss to buy a 24 port Cisco PoE switch. This is required as phone handset's get their power over the Cat5e, I don't think the phones are VoIP, but I don't know much about them.

I have a question though, I was considering splitting the phone's and the PC's to different VLANs on the switch. I am curious though, would this work the the BT Business Hub used for the incomming connection?

I wondered if I could give the VLANs addresses such as for one and for the other, then connect 2 uplinks from the switch to the BT Business Hub, but set the LAN on the Business Hub as would this work?


  • TehToGTehToG Member Posts: 194
    1. What kind of switch did you get?
    2. Does it have layer 3 capabilities?
    3. How are the phones handled? Are they voip? Is there a controller on site? What model are they?
    4. Which BT router do you have, they have a few different models they give. Is it a 2wire model?
    5. How many users do you support, Do you use/need wireless access?

    edit: To answer with the info I now have. The BT routers are dumb and don't support 802.1Q. Unless you have Layer 3 capabilities then you can't route between the vlans you create so it's useless. If they're voip phones you really do need them on a separate vlan so you can priortise their traffic.
    In your examples the first /25 would be not 1.1 and overlapping vlans would cause issues for broadcasts etc.
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