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Guys, Im lacking Motivation.Planned to give the exam in 2 to 3 months from now.Anyone who is gona give the exam in 2 to 3 months??.Anyone willing to start studyin along with me..So that we can share some usefull info and sametime get motivated and prepare.



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    I just scheduled the exam for May 31st. I'm all for sharing useful info! I just bought the books and haven't started reading them yet. But will very soon
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    Rescheduling your exam closer to the current date would certainly a good motivator. You should also create a structured, task-based study plan that assigns you scheduled completion dates for each of the objectives of the exam. That way you can check your schedule and the calendar to know what you need to study today and if you are falling behind in your exam studies. You will need to adjust you study plan as you go because you really don't know how much time it will take you to study/learn/understand any topic very well.
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    Ahh motivation, I have been there before. I had a look at the CISSP a few years ago but at the time I found it all too hard and time consuming. When I started my preps for it last year, I set a deadline and put myself in the mind frame of achieving it as it was on my list of goals for a while.

    What you may find helpful is asking yourself a few questions, well that's what I did, like why do you need the CISSP? What would happen if you didn't attain it? Would that hinder your career prospects? Are you happy in your current role? Will getting the CISSP give you a pay rise? Questions like that, that's where I got and get my motivation from, just going through a series of questions.

    Reading past posts here helped me a lot too, I cannot thank TE enough, I read through heaps and heaps of posts, people's thoughts on the exam, their experiences, some who have attempted the exam 2-3 times, quite recently 5 times, all that assisted in keeping me focused.

    Hope you and f0rgiv3n can work something out, and you finally get that motivation. All the best and keep posting on the areas that you need assistance with.
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    Make a plan and do study as per plan to stay motivated.
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    Maybe by researching how much companies actually pay for the certification can give you the boost you need.

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    Keep your head up and remember, it is only a test. Good luck icon_wink.gif
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    JDMurray wrote: »
    Rescheduling your exam closer to the current date would certainly a good motivator.

    This. I do best with hard deadlines that are not far off - so schedule your test for a month away and then get to studying!
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