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Took the 70-680 yesterday and failed. I scored a 607 and 700 was needed to pass. I watched all the Professor Messer videos and used the books, MCTS Configuring Windows 7 by William Panek and MCTS 70-680 Microsoft Windows 7 Configuring by Don Poulton. Does anyone have any advice for my next re-take? I scored low in Deploying Windows 7, Configuring Hardware and Applications, Network Connectivity and Access to Resources.

Oddly enough I scored 100% in the mobil computing section, which I think is the hardest to understand.

I'm thinking I didn't lab enough.


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    I will start off by saying that I didn't pass the 70-680 on my first try either. I would say what ever area's you had issues with on the exam to hit them up hard, Lab them and review those area's until you feel like you know it inside and out. I have heard in some cases that people move on to 70-685 or 70-686 then come back and pickup 70-680 after passing one of them. This exam has given some people fits, you can count me as one of them.
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    I failed it on my first attempt and then passed it on the second. The 70-680 is an exam that I think a lot of people (myself included) underestimate a bit. Before I took it the second time, I dedicated three solid weeks to studying. I used mostly Professor Messer's videos, and I didn't do any labs.

    It's a tough test, man. But at least you know what to expect the next time. I think I scored a 570 on my first attempt and a 730 on my second.
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    Keep your head up, regroup, and review your notes to deliver that knock out punch! icon_thumright.gif
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    i bombed it the first time, going to take it again Monday
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    I crapped out my first time also, scored a 497. I have a second shot scheduled for April 19th, and have been hitting the poulton book hard. I am planning on watching the Messer videos on the modules I bombed on the weekend before I retest.

    Kind of funny, I scored 100% on mobile computing and network configuration, and about 10% on access to local and shared resources and system and file recovery.
    I guess it all depends on what you have had the most experience with.

    Good luck on your second shot,
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    As much as I disliked the Microsoft Press Self Paced training kit (groan...it was full of errors) I think in the end it helped me a lot, because it forced me to stop & research those labs that weren't going right because of errors & omissions. Just do yourself a favor & research the 'errata' for this book and document it before starting, it might save you some teeth-grinding ;) I went through the book twice, and went once through the Panek book. The Microsoft Press book went into greater detail than the Panek book. Lastly I started consulting & reviewing information on TechNet. I didn't know about Messer at the time. Good luck to you, you'll get there!
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    The poulton book has got to be the best coverage for the exam.

    I bombed the hell out of the test the first time and passed after reading his book. As stated previously, a lot of people subconsciously underestimate this exam. It's one hell of an exam!

    I hope you pass the next time. You weren't far off.
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    I am not one to blame a book, and yes I should have studied more, but I felt the Sybex book was terrible for this exam. And i have many times in these forums praised how much I liked Sybex.
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