My frustrating week and a half trying to get the phones to register comes to an end

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Guys, I highly recommend you read the "Special Issues with CUCM and IP Phones" in the Introduction Hardware section of the lab manual. For me, the second bullet point "Removing the Initial Trust List" did it for me. I was doing great reading Jeremy's Official Certification Guide until I ran into CUCM, so I decided to put off my CCNA Voice studies until this lab manual came out. On the second go around with CUCME using the lab manual rather than following Jeremy's book, I had a problem with the phones registering because they were previously registered with CUCM. The phones that were having a problem were the 7961 and 7941 phones.


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    Sounds like you already have this, but for anyone reading this:

    With the newer versions of CUCM with security by default, the phones are loaded with a certificate trust list, and need to have that removed before they will register with anything else.

    The easiest way is probably to do a factory reset: Hold down the # key as you plug the phone in, and once they button lights start flashing down the side, press 123456789*0# (all the dialing keys, left to right, top to bottom).

    Otherwise, you can navigate to settings > Security Configuration > Trust List. Once you are there, press **#, and you will get a message that the settings are unlocked. Select the ITL file, use the Erase softkey to erase it (you may have to press "more.") Rinse and repeat for any other files.
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