3rd time defenitely not the charm.........

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With 8 minutes left,I hit the "End Exam" button....read the ending....waited for grade...and for the 3rd freakin' time....THIRD FREAKIN' TIME......818!!!!!!icon_twisted.gificon_twisted.gificon_twisted.gif I am so very frustrated,but I know that Cisco really wants their certifications backed by ppl with enough knowledge to not "water" down the importance of the cert.

Config,verify and t/s switch with VLANS and interswitch communication.....80%

Implement an IP addressing scheme and IP services to meet network requirements in a medium-sized Enterprise branch office network.....100%

Config and t/s basic operation and routing on Cisco devices.....73%

Implement,verify,and t/s NAT and ACLs in medium-size Enterprise branch office network....33%

Implement and verify WAN links.....67%

I really need to know what will put me over the top.......I'm gonna config NAT pools and ACLs till I pass out and jump deep into IPv6....Someone please give me some/any/all advice on what can help me hammer outta' the park!!!icon_confused.gif:icon_confused.gif:icon_confused.gif:


  • elderkaielderkai Member Posts: 279
    My advice to you would be to master show and debug commands. Not memorizing every single one, but knowing roughly the ones that you need and being able to utilize cisco help(?) wisely. That really stinks about the fail, but I'm sure you'll get it with as determined as you seem! Best of luck to you.
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