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Hi. I failed the ICND 1 twice in the past. icon_neutral.gifI am considering completing the following Cisco Academy courses seeing as I am struggling with basic concepts to pass the CCNA exams:CISCO Certified Network Associate 1 - Networking FundamentalsCISCO Certified Network Associate 2 - Introduction to RoutingCISCO Certified Network Associate 3 - Routing and SwitchingCISCO Certified Network Associate 4 - Wide Area NetworkingThese will take me about a year to complete total but I hope to be experienced enough with hands on and theory to be able to pass the CCNA directly after. Do any of you have these courses behind you? I'm taking them through distance ed online. I really want to pass this exam. Any opinions/advice would be excellent.I do have lots of boots/CBT/lab sims/real gear. I just have no on the job exposure to the equipment in production which I feel would have made a huge difference in passing a long time ago had I had the hands on day to day experience.


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    Hands on experience is always helpful. As a Cisco Academy student, you can download and use Cisco Packet Tracer. Use that instead of hardware, I found some issues with it but nothing ground breaking. You should be able to learn concepts and lab easily enough with it. As for the ICND1 in a year plan, you might want to do some looking around. It appears the exams might be changing this June. I don't know if this affects you or not, but its worth looking at.
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    I'm wanting to do the entire CCNA in a year plan. :D I just want the cert as a heavy number of employers seem to require it as a prereq for most rewarding positions. The good thing for me is I'm just completing a year and a half program for Project Management to slam on my CV :D
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    The Net Academy is being updated starting June 2013. I'm guessing its going to include stuff that is on the Icnd2. I still highly recommend taking The Exam in 2 parts just to make sure you understand everything. You wouldn't want to get to a higher level cert and struggle on doing a particular thing.

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