Need help with ip phone 7940 setting button...

sattarsattar Member Posts: 48 ■■□□□□□□□□
Hi every one,

I bought two ip phones last week,7940 and 7960,I have no problem with the 7960 but i have a little problem with 7940,

the setting button on 7960 is functioning properly without any configuration and without connecting to CME router(only by

powering it on via 3550 poe switch),but when I power on the 7940 and want to config it manually by setting button on the phone

it is not working i don't know why!!! I even upgrade the firmware Version to:P00308000600 through tftp server running on my

windows,Im running CME 4.3 on gns3...

Its really giving me a hard time and I tried everything but still nothing happened and i really got tired after five days

Am i doing anything wrong here? plz help

Thanks in advance
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