For the love of yoda help me!

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Guys, Total noob here. Well thats a bit of a insult but I need the caliber of this to be understood! Under estimating myself here may just help me! I am going into a new role soon i currently work for HP, and this is working with SQL Queries.. I am currently a data migration engineer and spend most of my day in the windows server environment. Im okay.. Not great but okay in it and know my way round the basics.. I have been given an exam voucher and been told here go nuts get yourself a cert.. I have 0 knowledge of SQL..and honestly i cant say I even know what it looks like! i have scoured the net and found some Microsoft exams such as the 70-641 etc. Where can i start?! What is the basic stepping stone cert if there is one to get me in the game! Ive only found this site today and i joined up for the wisdom is bestows on every threat! HELP A BROTHER OUT!

BASICS! Entry level SQL cert for someone! money and time no object!


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