Juniper J2300 Issue

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Hello all, I am a Cisco guy and don't have much Juniper experience. I just purchased a J2300 for my lab so I can prepare for JNCIA, but I can't get it to work. I Hooked into the console and powered it up, but the ONLY output i get is: Press <SpaceBar> to update BIOS.S

It just hangs forever after that. I rebooted it again and decided to hit spacebar this time and got the following:

Press <SpaceBar> to update BIOS.
Confirm update BIOS? (y/n) y
negin remote BIOS flash? (y/n)
Begin remote BIOS flash? (y/n)y
Starting remote flash.
Upload new BIOS file using Xmodem protocol

At this point, I just powered it off because I didn't want to mess anything up and I knew I didnt want to update the BIOS. I have no idea what's going with it. Does it just hang at the "press spacebar" screen because it cannot locate an OS? Or is it possibly a bad router? Again, I have no experience installing and configuring a Juniper device. Any advice would be helpful.



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    Sounds like you got yourself a lemon.
    Usually Juniper devices, like cisco ones, ship with the OS preloaded, and it's a rare event to upgrade the bios on these things.
    If the OS alone was missing you'd see something like :
    [B]can't load '/kernel'
    can't load '/kernel.old'
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    Dang.... I bought it used off Ebay, they said it was pulled from a working environment. I guess there is nothing I can do with it? =(
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    I'd contact the vendor and let them know.
    A missing OS is end user fixable, the broken bios is not (at least I've not seen any documentation on it).
    Unless they mentioned specifically that it was in non-working condition or that there was a BIOS problem in the product description, they should do the honorable thing and refund your money.
    I wouldn't pay for shipping back, unless they'll send you a shipping label or credit for the shipping as well, it's e-bay not craigslist!
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