Setup lab for icnd1, starting to look for equipment

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I am looking at starting to do my icnd1 in the summer after finishing my mcsa2003, hopefully passing as well.

Curently I have been cleaning the local comma rooms and build room at my work while I am quiet and have came across the following equipment and wondered if I should hold onto some of it which I may be able to create a lab out of, or send it back to head office

4 x Cisco Catalyst 2960 series PoE - 24
1 x Cisco 2800 (2811)
5 x Summit x250e - 48p
1 x Summit x450e - 48p
1 x Cisco 800 (876)
1 x Juniper Networks Netscreen 50
Lightning Edge 46(?)
BT LAN/SAN extension services box

Thanks for the help



  • krjaykrjay Member Posts: 290
    All trash, just send it to me I'll take care of it.

    Seriously though, as far as the Cisco equipment goes I'd definitely keep that stuff if you are able to.
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  • jsb515jsb515 Member Posts: 253
    build a lab! I kept all the stuff my work wasn't using no matter how old it was. You can still learn from it.
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    All good except for the lighting edge. not sure what its purpose is in a home lab
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  • jdballingerjdballinger Member Posts: 252
    All your equipment looks great for a general lab. As far as a lab geared for studying CCNA material, I would add an additional router or two. These can be either virtual devices using GNS3 or actual physical devices. You only have two routers listed there, which will get you through MOST topics, but having an additional two (one that can function as a Frame Relay switch) will really pay off.

  • j1mggj1mgg Member Posts: 45 ■■□□□□□□□□
    Thanks for the quick response.

    Just came across it and wondered if it would of been use and save me from possibly buying a whole setup from Ebay or such.
  • d6bmgd6bmg Member Posts: 241
    Except for Lightning Edge, all are good, and will prove to be very useful to you.
    For CCNA lab, you need to add one or two more routers, and you are good to go. ;)
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