ACL practice?

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just curious what you all did to practice ACL? I'm having had time to find other scenarios other then blocking ping and other host access to other networks.


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    I would like some info on this too
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    One thing I've done that has helped with my ACL understanding is to make simulated networks. Set up 4 hosts on each side of 2 different routers and write down what you want. Host 1 can only access 2, host 2 can access 2 3 and 4, etc. Once you have it all written down you are committed and NOW you get to try and do it in as few lines as possible.

    I find increasing the number of hosts and makes for the most interesting ACL practice, as long as you don't cop out with an "access-list 101 permit ip any any" :p
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    What kindof scenarios are you looking for? If you can block ICMP everything else is set up pretty much the same way, just different ports etc.
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    Just build a scenario of your own. ;)
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