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I dont know if this site has been posted in this forum or not, but it was posted at my company's intranet site, so I signed up and have been automatically setup to a team (you can create and/or leave a team anytime you wish). I just started looking at it and doing the tasks yesterday afternoon.

So far, it looks pretty cool, but I have yet to see how far it will go so far as knowledge, rewards, etc.

Anyway, I thought I would throw this out here to anyone interested. Come join my team (Stratus110). It would be nice to have some fellow TE members on my team as I know no one on here yet. I have the same username there as here.

Good luck and have a good weekend too.
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    I saw it posted on my local VMUG linkedin site.

    I still have mix feelings about it but I'm interested in where the site goes in the future. I guess anything that gets you motivated is good.
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    I can't seem to figure out how to join a new team and type in the name. It's like it wants to randomly place me on a team.

    Can you send me an invite? Tycoonbob is my name on CloudCred.

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