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I'm making around 115K right now as a .NET developer (senior eng). I'm planning to go the managmeent route. My questions i as a certified PMP with .NET technical experience, will my salary see an increase? BTW, this in the the DC area.


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    in DC every thing is inflated (just like any big city). so your paycheck will be about the same as an inexperienced of junior PM...

    I just switched from huntsville alabama (I work for the government as a dod civilian)... and i was making 86k a year which is a lot for that area. i just moved to a dept of treasury job in WV and I am making 85k a year (same pay rate, but pay is lower due to less cost of living)... i am the only senior PM in the shop (other PM's are gov't and very junior, with the exception of 1 senior PM who is a contractor that will be leaving after the project he is working is over this fall)... we are mostly rolling out oracle or erp style software tailored to gov't organizations and we have an in house PM shop to interface with the client's PM shops (we act as a program office with overall authority for the projects)... where we are at in WV i am making about 90% more than a majority of the households in the area (per the latest census data)...

    anyway, long story short , if we were in DC i would be expecting to make at least another 25k working for the gov't (would be 1 grade higher plus cost of living) .... if i were a contractor or non gov't i would expect to make at least 150k in DC or any large city....

    for a senior PM or any PM that is not working for a dedicated PM shop you can expect to work as a contractor going from project to project... you can earn big bucks, but when the project is done you move on... just recently i was offered over 200k to take on an IPv6 migration project (i would have been the PM and technical lead due to my expertise with IPv6 migrations in the DOD from a tech role).. but job would have been about 15 months and i would ahve been out of a job at the end of it and searching for another... i passed as i like job security (hence the reason for not making as much as i could because i work for the govt)...

    to each his own.
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    What industry do you work in? In financial services at least, project managers are not considered management. And the companies that I have worked at, good developers will always make more than project managers.
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