Have you found an extensive lab layout to cover ALL CCNA objectives and then some?

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What have you found, or using ? I am trying to re-organize my hardware lab, and I have some ideas and wanted to see what you guys are doing.

I have the following hardware available.
3 2950
3 2950t
3 3550 (for ccnp)

1 2520 4port serial
2 2621 (setup for hsrp)
2 2620 (1 with 4port serial module), one with wic1t
2 2620xm (with wic-2t cards)
2 3640s (with 2fe ports, and nm-4t modules, and also 1hssi modules for fun)
1 3725

Anyway, just curious how you guys set up your labs to cover everythign w/o having to re-connect all the time etc..
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    If you have a rack, you can install a patch panel, and you can change the lab lay outs easily. You just need to label patch panel ports with the info where they are connected to. If you need more info, i can help you with that.
    But this is just for ethernet interfaces. Serial interfaces, you still need to move. You can do everything with ethernet interface related to CCNA, except frame relay
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    That's an idea about a patch panel ,thanks .
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