Passed Security+

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Thanks to Mr. Gibson!
I appreciate the effort placed into creating the book! It was very helpful.
Thank you

How does everyone feel about the Cloud Essentials offered by CompTia. It seems like an easy pass and relatively cheap compared to the other certs. My career thus far will be infosec-centered.


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    Congrats! What's next for you?
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    Congrats! icon_cheers.gif
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    Not sure. My end goal in my career is to be a part of HealthCare IT, since my B.A. degree was in healthcare admin, So my focus is going to be InfoSec.

    I've been looking at anything pentester related, but it seems the consensus on C|EH is a no go, so maybe OSCP. But prior to that i think im going to to sit for MSCE server and private cloud just to develop a better understanding.
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    "How does everyone feel about the Cloud Essentials offered by CompTia. It seems like an easy pass and relatively cheap compared to the other certs. My career thus far will be infosec-centered."[/QUOTE]

    CompTIA Essentials is not primarily a technical certification. It's primarily intended for audiences who need to learn about the business models, security requirements, and other aspects of cloud computing. Organizations that are moving customer facing business operations to the cloud and want some of their personnel (for example customer service, human resources) to understand the rationale and impact of cloud computing will get their staff trained and in some cases certified in Cloud Essentials.
    There is another CompTIA certification in development now that will launch in August/September that you might want to take a look at: Cloud+. It's for experienced IT people (data center, network admin., storage) and WILL be technical--for those who want to demonstrate their understanding and ability in cloud computing. The objectives can be downloaded from the CompTIA website by filling in a minimal amount of information, here: Exam Objectives
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    Why, I thank you good sir, for that bit of info. I dont have any tech experience aside from helping parents/grandparents with home networks, so i am trying to learn as much as possible as quickly as possible and i think that will atleast keep me up with the jones's in terms of tech trends
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    Congrats on pass!! icon_thumright.gif
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    Congrats!! I just passed it! icon_smile.gif
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    @acer1288. Congratulations on the pass! Good luck on whatever you decide to do next.

    @DeeTroche. Congrats on the pass! Great first post.
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    Congratulations to both of you!
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