C|EH today. I gave them 43 minutes, they gave me an 85%

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Im really glad to be done with this. I was going to take it last spring, but my dad died 3 days before my test date. Then I took a term off of school, then had to jump back in and kind of start over.

Matt Walker-good background information

IClass (CEH courseware) If you can get this, and the PDF's (my school provides this) you will be in great shape. After all, its the official test material, and is actually pretty spot on.

CBT Nuggets-good background material, and entertaining to listen to (much more so than the Iclass lectures-that guy needs to only smoke a pack a day or something)

I took this test 'cold' in that I am not currently involved in security work, though there is an awareness of it where I work due to the equipment we manufacture and the software that runs it.
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    Congrats on the pass. I am sure the old man is celebrating your achievement.
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    Passed LOT2 :)Working on FMV2(CHFI v8 ) Done!
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    Congrats! And sorry for your loss....
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    Thanks, all. The loss was a year ago, almost-that's what made the test such a pain to come back to. I didn't look at any of it at all for like 6 months. then I sort of pecked around it for awhile before getting serious again.

    On to CHFI!
    BS Information Systems Management 2008 Doane College
    MS Information Security and Assurance 2013 WGU
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    Sorry about your loss, but we are happy that you achieve this certification which will help develop your career in security.

    Good luck with CHFI, I havent take the CHFI course equivalent but im very interested to gather some general knowledge in forensics.
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