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Coming from a Cisco and hosting background. Is there anything you can't do with an Olive? I am setting up a couple now and don't want to get to that point where I'm banging my head against the wall because something doesn't work but the configurations say it should. Packettracer for Cisco was a bit featureless and dynamips used to always crash or just not work for no reason when playing with large ATM configurations. Any ones I should be aware of with Olive Routers? Currently using Juniper 10-1R1 apparently



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    Have you tried GNS3/Dynamips lately?
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    JDMurray wrote: »
    Have you tried GNS3/Dynamips lately?

    Not in the last year.

    Its great for a fair few things but ATM is not one of them, as far as I could tell. Tried it with a bunch of different IOS's and even a couple of versions of Dynamips. I think it was when I would make one configuration mistake and send packets away they were not supposed to be set then Dynamips would crash. Its awesome for everything else though. I've seen people setup whole CCIE labs on it and it pretty much got me entirely through my CCNP / CCIP. (I had some gear but was usually too lazy to cable it up).
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    It's tough to say what's going to work on an olive, and what's not going to work. I remember back in the day, like 6 years ago, setting up some olives and there were some features that they couldn't do which required me to purchase some real gear to study for my first JNCIE. Somebody with more recent olive experience will need to chime in to give you a better idea on which features work.

    Some alternatives do include buying some branch SRX, which can do most routing, security, and switching (although not all the switching you'd probably want), or you can buy some Junosphere time.
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