Recommended Rack Equipment for Labbing?

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I recently order a Cisco rack equipment that can hold up to 19 devices heres the link - Cisco Rack FOR2500 2600 2610 2620 2620XM 2924 3524 3550 | eBay. I informed the seller that I would like to cancel but insisted on sending the rack. Will this be sufficient for me to build my CCIE lab in the future?


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    no I don't think so and you paid way to much look here. OnStage RS7030 Rack Stand: Musical Instruments

    I have that same rack and I can tell you it will not hold 19 Cisco devices.

    Just read the ebay description and it says its a 19" rack that will hold 12U (units) but I think it holds more like 8.
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    Gonna second jsb515 here. I have the same one as well and it will definitely will not hold 12 Cisco devices, and due to its tilted back design the bottom 2-3 slots are not useable. If you take a look at the bottom photo on the eBay page you can tell it has been altered to try and hide this fact.

    It is a good rack for CCENT/CCNA studies, but I cant see this being sufficient through the CCIE, and definitely not for the price this shady eBay seller is asking either.
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    If you plan on going further in your studies and suiting up your home lab you will definitely need a bigger rack. I recommend the Skeletek rack. I purchased it right off the bat because I knew I was going to be going for CCNP and beyond
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    +1 for Skeletek. Worth the price of admission.
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    Another vote for Skeletek racks. Definitely worth the price. You will not ​be disappointed with it.
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    MAC_Addy wrote: »
    Another vote for Skeletek racks. Definitely worth the price. You will not ​be disappointed with it.

    QFT. I ordered their 16u from dantraknet. Aside from some slightly unclear instructions, this thing is built like a tank. Love the fact it's on casters too. That alone makes it worth it to me.
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    Thanks for the advice, so how do I get my money returned? I messaged the seller (fati_zee) and it seems that he is not going to cancel the order, what's next?
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    We can't help you with your eBay order.... work with the seller and read the ad, sometimes it clearly states what options you have for a refund. Usually you end up paying for "changing your mind", but it all depends.

    Btw, I have also used that rack but purchased it from Amazon and because of it's angle you can't fit long devices in the bottom spots. It's perfectly fine otherwise. I ended up buying a Skeletek rack, it's much much better but also much more expensive.

    Looks like you'll need to ship it back on your dime for a refund as stated in the ebay listing -


    The rack included in this auction is fully tested and operational.
    It is supplied with a 90 days replacement warranty for the functionality.
    Buyer is responsible for return shipping costs and insurance.
    This listing is for hardware only. "
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    I purchased the Skeletek rack but didn't read that it's 22" inch (Link - Dantrak Net  - New and Used Networking Equipment and Peripherals. Skeletek Racks and Accessories.. Would this been suffiecent for CCNP?
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    I use a 7' 2 post 48U relay rack. I've got 11 routers & switches in it plus 2 1U half depth servers, 2 4U servers and a 8 port KVM and I've still got space for more. Granted it's bolted to the floor with a brace to the wall, but for flexibility, can't beat it. plus the prices aren't bad. Note: [Chatsworths are about the most expensive, you can find relay racks a lot cheaper then what Chatsworth sells em for].
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    Ikea Lack Rack w/ Aluminum supports

    This here is about $10 and doubles as a table!
    I'm planning on building this asap.
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