CUCM Vmware problem...

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Hey guys,

Got a few questions regarding CUCM and VMWare.

I've installed VMware Server on my Win 7 Home premium PC.

I've created a Virtual Machine within VMWare.

I've installed CUCM 8.6 and it starts OK, I can access the GUI OK.

I've also created two Windows XP on the same VMWare and installed CPIC Softphones on them and they work fine with CUCM,
all the registering and calling are working and etc.

My question is I want to connect CUCM to 3550 PWR switch to register a 7960 IPPhone but the problem is i cannot ping my Interface Vlan1 on switch from CUCM and cannot ping CUCM from switch,my VMWare network is in bridge mode

I'm a little confused on how to actually connect it to my Lab LAN.

Any help or thoughts would be greatly appreciated.:)



  • aaron0011aaron0011 Member Posts: 330
    Turn off bridge mode. Just use the standard vSwitch on the same LAN IP range.
  • bobfromfplbobfromfpl Member Posts: 104
    From your Win7 cmd prompt...

    Can you ping Vlan1 interface?

    Can you ping the CUCM/Wkstns?
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    Disregard my post. Just noticed it was VMware server, not ESXi.
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    I'm using VMware Workstation ver:9.0 and my CUCM network setting is in bridge (replicate) mode.
    Yes from cmd in Win7 I can ping the int vlan1 of the switch and CUCM,they are all in the same IP range,its like this:

    ping from win7 cmd to Switch=>yes
    ping from win7 cmd to CUCM=>yes
    ping from CUCM to Switch=>no
    ping from Switch to CUCM=>no

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    There are lots of professional people in this forum but no one could help with this problem???
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    maybe you put it in the wrong thread. I'm sure in the vmware thread they could have helped you much quicker as this is more of a problem there, than a Voice problem.

    What is the IP range of your machine and what is the IP range of the CUCM?

    Are you sharing the same network, or are you building a new one?
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    Thanks to all of you guys ,

    The problem was related to IP and GW configuration,i was confused in configuring them...

    I configured them like this, and i can ping from CUCM to SW now and also from SW to CUCM
    vmware in bridge mode.
    CUCM:IP=> GW=
    Laptop NIC:IP=> GW=
    Switch vlan1=>

    But now I couldn't register the 7960 IP Phone,I dont have DHCP Server,I configured the IPPhone manually like this:
    Disabled DHCP on the phone
    Gave IP Address=>
    TFTP Server=>
    Default Router=>

    And also i configured everything right in CUCM for auto registering, because my CIPIC's on other virtual machines are registering automatically and working fine...

    I must configure Vlan's in Switch,right?
    What else should i config to get my phone register with CUCM?

    Thanks in advance :)
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    Verify L1, i.e the cable connecting your phone to your switch.

    confirm the cable is the connected to the sw port on your phone.

    You said you can ping from your SW to the CUCM are you sourcing from vlan 1? if so was it successful?

    When you do a show ip int brief are all the interfaces up/up ? is interface vlan 1 line up and protocol up?

    Can you ping the static IP address of your phone from your pc or switch?

    When you check the status msg on the phone what does the error msg state?

    Maybe firewall settings on you PC?
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  • sattarsattar Member Posts: 48 ■■□□□□□□□□
    Thank you klampkin,
    Problem solved, it was because of the port between 7960 and SW,somehow SW port was not functioning i changed the port and now everything is working fine icon_cool.gif
  • klampkinklampkin Member Posts: 44 ■■□□□□□□□□

    I'm glad things worked out for you!

    Goodluck on CCNP voice.
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