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hello all,

im new to the forum,i just wanted to know if i need any additional study material. I have DG book that i am studying from. i take my test april 5 . would his book be enough to pass the exam? what sections should i pay attention to while going through the book.


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    Hi dhy369. Welcome to the forums. Many people have successfully taken and passed the exam the first time they took it using just that book but it depends on your experience level. In addition to the book, you might like to check out the Security+ related blogs ( and the performance based question blog (

    The Remember This blocks within the chapters and the summaries at the end of the chapters help identify what is most important.

    Do the practice test questions and take time to understand the explanations. Ideally, you should be able to identify why the correct answer is correct and why the incorrect answers are incorrect. That way, no matter how CompTIA words the questions, you'll be able answer them correctly.

    Good luck.
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    Thank you for the advice.
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    Dhy369. I am currently in a technical school for IT. I am getting in class training on Security+. But the format is more of a standard text book format. I thought I would be ready for the exam after on 2 weeks on in class projects and training. uh, no. I got a 695 on Security+ and failed my first time. I was surprised. Based on that, I probably only missed a 5-6 Qs. I have taken A+, net+, MTAs and Apple Certs in the past 3-4 months. All of them with high scores. Now I am treating Security+ as my 'big white whale'. So, I am following in the footsteps of others and went out and got Darril's Book. read the book atleast 3 times front to back. Each time, you do the concepts will get much easier. I dont think its just a matter of knowing the acronyms and "facts". Try to get a handle on how 'security' ties together with all those acronyms. Like Darril is saying, you should know why an answer to a question is wrong first then select the right one. Thats the way I take tests. I dont 'look' for the right one, I do the opposite. Even during practice tests. This reinforces all the concepts and helps tie them together in my head. Hope this helps.
    Good luck. let us know how you did. I plan on re-testing in 2-3 weeks.
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    I passed only using DG's book and professor messor videos

    the book is good enough to be your only source of info..but professor messor is free and is great for a refresher/review

    definitely check his video series out.
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    Thanks for the great info guys. DG book and prof. Messers videos are great, next friday will be the big day. Wish me luckicon_thumright.gif
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    Good luck on Friday. We look forward to seeing your post saying you passed.
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