Took the ICND1 just now and....

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At the last 10 questions I felt very good about passing. I got 762 (same as when I took this last year).

50% implementing IP scheme to meet network requirements for small branch office
57% implementing routed network
50% explain and administrate tasks required to WLAN

I dont know how I feel about this. I have to complete re-learn what ive learnt, since questions regarding those topics I was very sure I got correct.

I had to pass this one, I had enough for the ICND2 in April but then I have no money for months. My wife wants me to take the single CCNA exam but ive barely touched ICND2 exam objectives. This is very, very depressing.

Its probably out of denial but im so sure I should of passed. I honestly don't believe it icon_sad.gificon_sad.gif


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    Sorry to hear it man.

    What have you been using to study?
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    Internet resources, youtube. I have loads of Cisco courses on Career-Match which are really good and really stick with me.

    I have subnetting down. I dont know.

    Im going to go through the exam objectives again for what I failed in. Im really annoyed, gettin frustration pains in my legs (I really hope someone knows what im talkin about! icon_lol.gif)
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    If you didn't read any books, I'd highly recommend to start reading. Videos are good to get the basics, but they're just not in depth enough.
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    Kai123 wrote: »
    I have loads of Cisco courses on Career-Match which are really good and really stick with me.

    I have never taken these courses, but are they really any good if you have failed twice now after using it?

    I'd say grab the Odom books and give them a very thorough reading.
    An expert is a man who has made all the mistakes which can be made.
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    Buy Odam books for ICND1 & ICND2. Read them thoroughly. Understand the concepts.
    Don't have CISCO gear? Get GNS3. Or Boson's Netsim.

    As you have failed ICND1 twice, it is absolutely not recommended to take composite CCNA.
    Don't relay on ebboks. Buy hard copies.
    And if you can, use the video series from INE & CBT Nuggets for CCNA.
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    At first I thought you meant 5 books for just the CCENT, which I was going to say was overkill lol.

    I wish I could comment more on your selection, but I haven't passed the exams yet so my opinion might not matter that much. Have you checked to see if you could get the Odom books in a package together tho? You might save money that way. I know when I bought the 2 books they came together as 1.
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    Sorry to hear you failed, but don't give up. You said you took the exam and failed last year. How long exactly between attempts? Also, ow many hours of study are you putting in per day?
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    There are a lot of resources out there that you dont have to pay for. I'd look around this site and do some digging if you are short on cash used books or torrents site are always there. Personally I used CBT, Trainsignal, packet tracer and some of the resources on this site.
    Good luck
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    I was curious if you utilized any prep guides to pass the ICND1??? Often times, they can be the key to helping you get over the hump. Also, you can see the quality of the prep guides based on customer feed backs... Good Luck!
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    I cant wait to pass the ICND1 and apply a years worth of learning how to study into practice!

    I have the Sybex book by Todd Lammle but I rarely read it now. I have access to videos like CBT nuggets (a great deal for CCNA, CCNP, Security, and Voice) which are very good. I have about 5 practice exams which I have varying success with depending on if im studying or testing my knowledge.

    I obviously have a problem with TCP/IP and will re-read the big book again. My main problem with all of this is my work in retail is in the way. I just wanna come home from work tomorrow and get studying.

    I think I was trying to patch over some elements of the objectives that I understood but not in practice.

    Really cant wait to start a new cert. I feel like its all getting a bit fuzzy now.

    Thanks for the replies, it really means alot. I was so certain I would pass it was very painful to fail and was raging. Still, back at it now :)

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    If you've used your practice exams once already, their repeat diagnostic value is limited. Certainly, do study them until you feel comfortable with them, but acing questions you've seen before is not the same as acing new questions.

    I agree CBT Nuggets is a great deal. :)

    I'd say, if you only retained 50% on those sections, it's maybe time to buckle down and takes notes or flashcards. If you're taking more than a couple weeks to pass through the material, some sort of review process is also wise.
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    Kai123 wrote: »
    I have the Sybex book by Todd Lammle but I rarely read it now.

    I say this with absolute empathy for your situation, but you are,(IMHO)-putting aside an industry leaders reference to a discipline that requires extensive, consistant, determined study of the relevant technology you are attempting to master.

    I myself read Wendel Odems CCNA ICND1, and only that book. The journey started off strong, then, I lost interest and a year went by, never wrote the exam. After that year I picked up the book, became motivated again, studied straight for 6-7 weeks,(sometimes 4 hrs a day, sometimes 2 hours a day). I took and passed the exam. I bought 2 2950's and 2 2621XM's and labbed every other day for about an hour or two during those 6-7 weeks.

    I watched the CBT nuggets videos that Jerremy did for ICND1 but honestly, that was more for escape from the reading of the book than anything else. Sure it helped cover the basics, but nothing like the book has taught me.

    I passed that CCENT last June. I am now just starting to review my ICND1 notes that I made while studying, and intend to start ICND2 this Sunday. I will again attempt this exam after 6-8 weeks of study with Odems ICND2 book.

    I found the Boson exam that came with the book invaluable in prepping me for what to expect on the exam.

    In closing, I consider myself a slow learner compared to others, but for me, repetition is the key to success. After labbing for a few short hours a day when reading the material, it reinforced what I was learning by practical performance with the actual equipment.

    I'm confident you will pass this if you read the Odem or Lammle book and lab thoroughly!

    Good luck

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    You have to read the book, videos are not enough to learn from and please don't take this the wrong way but videos can be a lazy mans way to learn. You have to study the book take notes, and then use the videos to help supplement what you already read and learned. Use practice test over and over to dig out the weak areas and study hard into those areas. You do this you will be fine.
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    You can't go wrong with Chris Bryant's video series over at His full CCNA course or GREAT. Watch the series and take notes as you go. Then re-read over your notes each morning before work.

    Also get Odem's books and take the quick "Do I Know" quiz at the beginning. Then read the chapter and do the questions again to see if you learned what the question asked. I tend to actually highlight the section in the book that answers the question to help it sync in. Also his books come with Boson Exam sim, which is fantastic to really help you get the wording down for Cisco questions.
    You can also read a chapter in Odem's book and then watch Chris Bryant's video on that topic to really help set it in stone in your mind.

    Based on what you have done so far I am guessing you do know the material, but are getting confused with the questions. This was my biggest issue when taking the exams. Read each question twice before you even look at the answers. Cisco tends to add a lot of "fluff" into their questions making them sound a lot harder than they need to be.

    Good luck :)

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    Like I mentioned before, I cant wait to study for another exam and put all I have learnt together on how to study.

    I think after awhile I started to jump ahead of some of the objectives, and never really studied linearly after awhile. I was using tests and researching all the wrong answers but eventually was just studying tests.

    I know the difference now between being nervous because your not sure you might pass and confidently booking the exam because you know the material. A guy before me got 100% on his exam. He waited for me outside the room and we chatted for awhile. He read line to line of another book and if he hit something he didn't know, he would find another source. Im not going to shy away from my weaknesses this time, and instead tackle them head-on.

    I have a week off mid April, and will spend one whole day on one objective until Its nailed, and then book the exam for the end of April.
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    Kai123 wrote: »
    I have a week off mid April, and will spend one whole day on one objective until Its nailed, and then book the exam for the end of April.

    Sounds like a plan! I would just re-iterate, if you study one objective per day, by day #30 it's been one month since you've even touched objective #1. Consider spending one day minus fifteen minutes on each objective, and fifteen minutes per day on review.

    Review has to become a regular ritual, anyway, if you want to stay sharp. Best of luck to you! :)
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