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Hi guys I am currently completing the end of my CCNA semester 4. And read about the new CCNA certification. I am hoping to take my CCNA exam in April/May and was wondering whether the syllabus may change or I will not be able to take the exam as a new certification will be available?



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    You can take the old exam until September 23rd I believe. After that it's the new one only.

    I know last time there were big changes Cisco Academy students were given even longer than the general expiration date to take the old exam if they were enrolled in the course. Something to ask your instructor about.
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    Thankyou very much for the reply. Will complete my CCNA before then, just read that and was shocked as I've nearly completed the final semester :D
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    Sept. 30 according to Wendell Odom. It's an effective way to encourage me to step up the pace.
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