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Is there a really good site that any of you might know that can help me learn IPV6? Meaning not only explaining the material, but having quick facts outlined...etc. I ask because I plan on taking the CCENT (current test) but I understand there is a lot of material on the new CCENT covering IPv6. I want to bone up on learning that part anyway since it is more and more integrated. Thanks,



  • JasonITJasonIT Member Posts: 114
    The current Cisco Press ICND2 book has sections on IPv6. This SHOULD cover whats on the exam. I was actually surprised at the multiple questions I received on IPv6 when I took the current ICDN2 exam. Good luck in your studies.

  • Rodzilla GRodzilla G Member Posts: 82 ■■□□□□□□□□
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    I've heard good things about the hurricane electric IPv6 site. If you want something a bit more in-depth, Cisco's IPv6 Fundamentals seems good so far. I'm only a few chapters into it myself.
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    Thanks ShamPOW!
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    Refer to official guide for ICND2.
    IPv6 basics are well covered there.
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    Just know the basics, how to turn it on, EUI-64, what type of IP address is being presented, etc. I don't imagine you will be by anything more difficult than what is explained in Odom's ICND2 text.
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